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TitleLiberation Monuments
Description Al-Qurain House, situated in the Qurain housing area, is a site of bloody battle between Iraq and Kuwait, just before liberation, now converted into a museum, dedicated to those who laid down their lives. Even the Iraqi tank, mounted on the Jahra Gate, around the end of Fahd Al-Salem Street is a reminder of the folly of the war. Also another

The tower has become an important sign of Kuwait's independence and liberty, as its construction was originally started before the Iraqi invasion but was halted during the occupation. Fortunately no damage was inflicted on the structure during the invasion and construction swiftly resumed afterward. Since that time it has come to serve as a symbol of a new beginning for Kuwait and a symbol of hope.

The Liberation Tower in Kuwait has been constructed using ceramic tiles from the base all the way up to the lowest level which is around 308 meters above the ground. Its shape is fairly unusual featuring a stem that ends in a large bulb like structure at the top which is further followed by a spire.

The Liberation Tower actually serves more than one purpose. At its most basic function it serves as a telecommunications tower, but it also features a restaurant in addition to some office space. The three distinct sections are a public telecommunications area, a restaurant and revolving observation level.

Visitors can travel to the different floors of the towers in one of eighteen different elevators that are on offer. These elevators are considered to be some of the fastest in the world, if not the fastest.

Due to this historical and monumental significance, visitors should not pass up the chance to visit this monumental destination when traveling to Kuwait. Guests wanting to visit this destination can stay in an Al Jahra hotel such as Al Jahra Copthorne Hotel and Resort Kuwait and enjoy some of the best accommodation options in the city.

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