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Vision Correction Exercises
 Wed, 27 Jul 2011
  Mother nature has designed the human body is such a way that, each and every part of our body is precious for us and a damage to any one of it creates problems and discomforts. One such important sensory organ is the eye. Vision problems are becoming common nowadays, due to unhealthy eating habits and addictions in our lifestyles, prolonged exposure towards computer, harmful dust particles and pollution. All these elements have become an inseparable part of our daily life. These are potential threats to our eyes and bring eye problems in the form of blurred vision, day by day weakening of eyes, double vision etc.

But is there any way to prevent all these problems and enjoy a good eyesight? Certainly, vision correction exercises, are the best ways to improve our vision and keep eye problems at bay! So here are some vision improvement exercises to help you out in this regard. But before that quickly find out how eye exercises can benefit you!

Benefits of Vision Correction Exercises

One can reap many benefits out of the vision correction exercises, some of them are mentioned below.
•Improved blood circulation towards the eyes.
•Easing out stress and tension on the eyes.
•Improving eye vision and relaxing eye muscles.
•Reduced eye problems in the older age.
Natural Vision Correction Exercises

The following are some natural ways of correcting or improving vision, which you can practice at your home as well as at your workplace.

Vision Correction Exercise # 1
Long sessions of exposure to the computer or the television sets can lay a lot of stress on the eyes. Therefore to ease it a bit, stop looking at the screen for sometime and look somewhere else. Probably towards a tree full of greenery. This will relax your eyes and also release the stress on them. Or you can just wash your eyes with some cold water, without rubbing the eyes vigorously.

Vision Correction Exercise # 2
This is probably the easiest of all exercises. Blinking is an involuntary activity and we all tend to blink our eyes many times during the day. Blinking is important as it protects eyes from dust particles suspended in the air and also relaxes our eye muscles. However, while concentrating on something our eyes do not blink much, which therefore exerts a lot of pressure and stress on our eyes. To ease it out, we can voluntarily blink our eyes after every 3-4 seconds and continue the exercise for about 2-3 minutes.

Vision Correction Exercise # 3
Neck muscles and eyes are interconnected. This is because the arteries providing nourishment to the eyes are situated between the neck muscles. Insufficient blood supply to the eye is also a major reason behind vision problems. This exercise will improve the blood supply towards eyes through the neck region. Face the sun with your eyes closed. Now, rotate your head towards both the sides. This exercise helps in providing sunlight to the peripheral vision and improves the blood circulation towards the neck, which in turn has a positive effect on the eye sight. Do this daily for about 5 minutes.

Vision Correction Exercise # 4
Now, this one is for people who are suffering from myopia. Myopia is an eye problem characterized by short sightedness, but it can be gradually cured with the help of eye exercises. Place your left palm on your left eye and keep a book in front, at a distance of about 6 feet. Keep another object at about 7 feet from you. Concentrate on the book for about 2 seconds with your right eye and then shift your attention towards the other object for about a minute. Keep doing this until both the objects appear clear to you. Repeat this with the other eye and continue this exercise daily for a month.

Vision Correction Exercise # 5
Hypermetropia or farsightedness is another common eye problem that many of us encounter. Here's an exercise that will help reduce the problem. Hold your finger in front of your eyes at a distance of about 6 inches. Concentrate your vision on the finger tip for 5 seconds and then shift your attention towards an object, about 5-6 meters away from you. Look at that object for 5 seconds. Repeat this pattern for about 30-40 times everyday.

Food to Naturally Improve Eyesight
Before we turn towards the kind of food that naturally improve eyesight, we should learn about the nutrients which will help you to naturally improve vision:

•Vitamin E: To protect the retina and to slower the macular degeneration process, it is necessary that your diet be rich in vitamin E, which is an antioxidant.
•Vitamin C: In conjunction with vitamin E, vitamin C works to protect the tissues and also helps in improving eyesight.
•Zinc: To strengthen the cells of the eye increase the consumption of zinc in your diet.
•Fish Oil: Macular degeneration and other eye problems can be cured with the consumption of fish oils.
Food which will help you in eyesight improvement are fruits like bananas, apples, papayas, bilberry fruit, citrus fruits, strawberries and all bright colored fruits. Consumption of leafy green vegetables, carrots, broccoli, chilly peppers, and all bright colored vegetables also help in improving eyesight naturally. Oysters, fish, eggs, liver, red meat, etc are also known to help in natural eyesight improvement.

It is not an easy task to improve eyesight naturally, at the same time it is not impossible. You will have to make certain changes to your diet pattern, so that you nourish and condition your eyes well. The exercises will also help in natural vision improvement. Remember eye care is important and not something that should be ignored even at the slightest discomfort.

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Hopefully you'll find it easy and effective in your daily eye care. Do not forget to consult an optometrist if your eye problems persist for a long time, even after employing the aforementioned vision improvement exercises. Take care, as we want our eyes to be with us for our entire lifetime to see this beautiful world!

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