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‘Many convert to Islam in Ramadan’
 Sun, 18 Jul 2010
  KUWAIT CITY, July 17, (KUNA): The holy month of Ramadan is a very busy and active time of year for Islam Presentation Committee (IPC), which sees a great number of people converting to Islam, the IPC stated recently.
The head of branches department in IPC Muneef Al-Ajmi told KUNA that the committee prepared special plans for this Ramadan, including programs addressing the non-Muslims, new converts, and Muslims.
The programs include cultural competitions, offer of special publications on Ramadan, besides Islam presentation media campaigns in Arabic and many other languages.
A large number of Muslim preachers will be available at the IPC main center and all other branches to receive and assist non-Muslims, with a total number of 75 preachers, including 25 women speaking up to 13 various languages.
The holy month of Ramadan has its special religious and social atmosphere, especially to new converts to Islam.
The gathering for “Iftar” feasts and special activities organized by IPC are greatly appreciated and sought.
The IPC offered more than 122,000 Iftar meals in Ramadan last year, and is expecting an increase in this number next Ramadan, the IPC figure said.
Islam Presentation Committee is the only charity society specialized in presenting Islam in Kuwait, offering its services to non-Muslims and new converts through 15 branches in various areas of the country.

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