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Violating kindergarten owners given 2 weeks to correct status
 Tue, 03 Aug 2010
  KUWAIT CITY : The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has asked the kindergarten owners, who have violated the law, to correct their status within two weeks; otherwise, the ministry will order the closure of the kindergartens and take the necessary legal action against the owners, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting head of the Women and Childhood Department Iqbal Al-Rumaidheen.
After noticing a remarkable increase in the number of advertisements on the registration of kindergarten pupils in local newspapers, Al-Rumaidheen said the ministry instructed a team of inspectors to visit these kindergartens to ensure the owners have strictly complied with the safety and security regulations. She clarified the ministry has taken this measure to protect the welfare of the children.

Admitting some kindergarten owners have failed to take even the simplest safety and security procedures, Al-Rumaidheen pointed out the ministry has no other option but to close these kindergartens in the interest of the pupils in case the owners fail to correct their mistakes within the specified grace period.
Al-Rumaidheen revealed the ministry has received several complaints from parents against the kindergartens, confirming the ministry has issued warnings to the owners and it has given them ultimatum to correct their status. She urged the kindergarten owners to strictly abide by the law to ensure the safety of the children.
In another development, Al-Rumaidheen affirmed the department has started preparing activities for the holy month of Ramadan. She added the activities include religious contests, which will focus on the importance of Ramadan and the benefits of fasting.

Al-Rumaidheen also unveiled the department’s plan to organize a ‘guirgiyan’ festival by the middle of this month. She said the department is currently making arrangements for a big celebration in which several people, especially children, are expected to attend.
On the other projects of the department, Al-Rumaidheen confirmed the demolition of Al-Dasma garden to pave the way for the establishment of a model garden in the same location, in addition to the construction of new gardens in Mubarak Al-Kabeer and Al-Qurain.

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