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Crohn`s disease resurfaces in Kuwait
 Tue, 27 Jul 2010
  KUWAIT: Crohn's disease, which appeared in 1930s, resurfaced again in Kuwait threatening youths.
Gastrointestinal Consultant at Mubrak Al-Kabeer Hospital Dr. Ahmad Al-Fadhli said that the Crohn's disease usually infects age category between 15-35 years old, adding that no accurate statistics regarding the numbers of people infected with the diseases are available; however, the doctor noted, the cases are increasing.
Dr. Al-Fadhi said to Al Watan that a new case is discovered every week, noting that 70 percent of the patients need to take lifelong medication, with the other 30 percent not responding to the medication.
Dr. Al-Fadhli said that the disease is not infectious, adding that it is an ongoing condition that causes inflammation of the digestive tract. He added that the causes of the disease are still unknown, noting that the symposiums of the disease includes fever, fatigue, loss of weight and appetite, adding that some patients may suffer joint pain and Osteoporosis.

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