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Kuwait helps protect Islamic art heritage
 Sat, 31 Jul 2010
  KUALA LUMPUR: Director General of Kuwait's Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah (Islamic Antiquities House) Sheikha Hussa Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah delivered a lecture here yesterday at the Malaysian Islamic Arts Museum on the "Treasury of the World" exhibition. Sheikha Hussa pointed out during the lecture the dimensions behind holding such exhibition, its role in highlighting the world heritage and the deep-seated history of this exhibition through the various displayed artefacts. The lecture was attended by director
general of the Malaysian Islamic Arts Museum Sayed Muhammed Al-Bukhari, acting Charge d' Affaires at the Kuwait embassy in Malaysia Hamad Al-Haziem, representative of Arab and foreign diplomatic corps as well as a host of academics, heritage experts and media people.

Sheikha Hussa said in a statement following her lecture, "we are too happy as the world tour of this exhibition came to its end in a Muslim friendly country like Malaysia due to the deep-seated ties binding the two countries and the Malaysian and Kuwaiti peoples.

She added that "Treasury of the World" exhibition kicked off its tour in Europe, then moved to the US followed by the Russian Federation, then visited Singapore and crowned its long world journey with Malaysia, expecting for the exhibition to see a high turnout during the month of Ramadan.

Sheikha Hussa said that she knew from Malaysian officials that the Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur sees a high turnout from all over the world, especially during Ramadan, noting that this means the biggest possible number of visitors would see the exhibition-which is held within the museum's parameters-and enjoy the aesthetic values of its artefacts.

The aesthetic values displayed in the "Treasury of the World" exhibition emanate from the firm belief of the ancient Muslim craftsmen who inscribed the "Chair" Quranic verse in a splendid calligraphy on a piece of emerald to show their veneration for the words of the Quran, Sheikha Hussa said, noting that there are other artefacts that embody significant meanings in such era of the Islamic Mongolian history in India.

She also made clear that IAH holds its exhibition for the second time in Malaysia following its first exhibition titled "Carpets" that was held (April-July) in 1999 on the occasion of opening the Islamic Museum and won great admiration for displaying the Islamic carpets handicrafts.

Sheikha Hussa expressed her hope for relocating the Islamic Antiquities House to the Kuwait National Museum in what helps display a collection of the Malaysian Islamic Arts Museum as well as collections from other world museums to make Kuwaiti people get acquainted with the creative arts of the various Islamic civilizations.

Malaysian King Al-Wathiqu Billah Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin inaugurated here Friday Kuwait's Treasure of the World Exhibition in presence of HH the Amir of Kuwait's Envoy, Minister of Information and Minister of Oil Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Malaysian Minister of Information Rais Tatim, Sheikha Hessa Al-Salem Al-Sabah, Kuwaiti Ambassador to Malaysia Monther Al-Issa, Chairman of Bukhari Institution Sayed Mukhtar Bukhari and several senior other Malaysian officials and Kuwaiti diplomats. -- KUNA

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