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MPs: Enact new laws to 'Kuwaitize' govt jobs
 Sat, 31 Jul 2010
  KUWAIT: A number of lawmakers recently urged the government to issue new legislations pertinent to implementing the Kuwaitization policy. MPs added that the Parliament was currently working toward issuing new legislations to increase the ratio of nationals who hold public positions and conduct a full survey of posts occupied by expatriates so that they can be substituted by citizens, reported Al-Watan.

MP Khaled Al-Adwah stressed that the government's 'substitution' policy should be implemented more seriously. He expressed surprise at the fact that that some bodies were still asking for exemption from adopting the policy when thousands of citizens are unemployed. "This issue will be opened for discussion once the Parliament convenes after the recess period and we'll ask the government to provide complete statistics about the total number of expatriates employed in the government sector and the positions
they hold to see whether they can be replaced by citizens," he underscored.

MP Mubarak Al-Khurainej said that MPs are united in their decision to compel both the government and the private sector to hire citizens to reduce unemployment. He also said that the problem was a result of the government's lackadaisical approach on this particular issue. "Dependence on expatriate labor has had a negative impact on Kuwaiti society," he asserted noting that the most significant problem caused by expatriates was over-population and that the government should act immediately to issue furthe
r laws that restrict the 'import' of foreign or expatriate labor. He also suggested the establishment of a new, temporary parliamentary committee during the next parliamentary term to resolve the unemployment issue.

MP Saadoun Hammad Al-Otaibi demanded that the government fully comply with policy of employing a set percentage of nationals and that unemployed citizens still existed after 20 years of adopting the policy. He also called for more practicing more transparency in hiring citizens to actually increase the number of citizens that work for the government. "Ministries have so far failed to fully implement the policy and some ministries still demand that expatriates be hired in return for monthly bonuses," he add
ed. He urged that ministries that flout norms be held accountable for failing to abide by the national labor laws.

A government official stressed that it (the government) was working hard to solve the unemployment problem, "We have urged the Civil Services Commission(CSC) to hire citizens as soon as possible so as to induct fresh blood to ministries and governmental bodies before the end of the year," he said. He noted that the government had a new task ahead: to end unemployment by supporting nationals and hiring them to work in various government positions.

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