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'Price wars' in Kuwait as Ramadan approaches
 Sat, 31 Jul 2010

KUWAIT: As Ramadan approaches, most people shop for groceries more frequently than usual. Promotions on goods are being held at markets and co-operative societies. The question, however, is this: Are these measures practical or meant only for advertising purposes? Only customers can tell if these promotions are genuine in their intent or done only for the sake of advertising and marketing. During last Ramadan, prices soared instead of lowering. Several promotions were held in co-operative societies and
malls. However, people have been complaining about price rise along with price disparity observed at many co-operative societies .

Khaled, after checking the prices of groceries in a co-operative society said that prices are high and the discounts are available only on goods that are sold in bulk and is not applicable on new goods that arrive. In his opinion, discounts are profitable to consumers during the period before Ramadan. He does not expect any discounts on Ramadan-special goods and believes that prices may be increased during the period.

On the other hand, Anwar said that he had compared prices between a few co-operative societies and noticed a profitable margin. He added that Ramadan goods will be offered at substantially discounted rates. He says that this is obvious from the 'price war' that has been going on between co-operative societies these days as Ramadan is in the corner.

Ruba said that she buys all the necessary household goods during the beginning of every month. She points out that there is a goods are at sale at discounted rates this month. She there are ten more days till Ramadan and no one knows if it may continue until Ramadan. She said that her previous experiences were not very encouraging. She believes that as co-operative society shareholders and owners need to reap in more profits and raise prices, it is only natural that they would want to maintain this result.

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