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Do not buy homemade foodstuff
 Mon, 26 Jul 2010
  KUWAIT: The Acting Public Relation Director at Kuwait Municipality, Ali Hussein Jomhour has warned citizens and expatriates against buying homemade foodstuff, that are cooked at non-commercial locations away from the ability of municipality inspector's to asses, which could be very dangerous to public health. He added that all foodstuff sold in licensed commercial places are subjected to tight inspection, including sample taken to be tested within the governmental laboratories to ensure that the product matches international health standards. He elaborated that in case of discovering quality issues in the sample; the concerned merchants will either withdraw their defected products from the market or exporting these goods outside the country.
Al-Jomhour added that owners of foodstuff stores who attempt to hinder facts before laboratory results are completed will face administrational shutdown, in addition of taking legal action against them.

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