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The LinkMe Smart Bracelet links to your Smartphone
 Tue, 09 Apr 2013
  The Smart Watch will soon get some competition and its from a similar device called the LinkMe Smart Bracelet, an accessory that is worn on the wrist and features a LED band around it that notifies you with scrolling lines of text.

The LinkMe Smart Bracelet utlizes Bluetooth technology which allows the user to pair it with their smartphone enabling the device to alert the user when there are social media updates from Twitter and Facebook plus it will even display new SMS messages from selected contacts in your phone-book without having to removing your phone from your pocket.

Receive the messages that matter to you most with just a glance at your wrist with LinkMe. The advantage of the LinkMe Smart Bracelet over Smart Watches is its design which is kept to a minimal so its not bulky and looks just like a simple piece of jewelry. It’s made from chrome and seems will be available in different finishes, that would make it even more awesome!

LinkMe is also able to display the time when not displaying social media updates or text messages, so its not solely about updating you plus they might even make changes to it in the near future (just guessing).

The LinkMe is not on the market yet, the guys behind the device (Matt and Colin) are now seeking funding via KickStarters, they are seeking $100,000 by May 5th and if you want to support the awesome device you can pledge $59.00 and you will receive your very own LinkMe bracelet by August 2013.

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