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Google+ Update gets support for Full-Sized Photo Uploads
 Tue, 09 Apr 2013
  Google this week announced that it has rolled out a new update to their Google+ service which has brought with it the ability to enable users to now upload full-size images from desktop browsers. In December of last year Google made it possible to make full size back-ups of photos, and today Google’s John Emerson revealed the news via a Google+ post, about the new Google full size photo upload.
“To enable full-size desktop uploads, just visit your settings, and check “Upload my photos at full size.” Afterwards, any files larger than 2048px will count towards your Google storage (up to 5GB free). Photo storage at 2048px or smaller remains free and unlimited.”

The recently added Google+ pan and zoom feature will now help you investigate those larger photos with ease, allowing you to enjoy even the smallest details, directly from your desktop browser.

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