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Ebola scare as Ethiopian expat ‘infects’ 4 men, 5 policemen
 Tue, 25 Nov 2014
  KUWAIT CITY : An Ethiopian expatriate who was detained in Sa’ad Al- Abdullah Police Station has been referred to the Jahra Hospital because he is suffering from an infectious disease that can spread through air, reports Al-Shahed daily. Four inmates in the same cell and five policemen of the police station have also been referred to Jahra Hospital for medical examinations to ensure they are not infected with the same disease. Meanwhile, Al-Watan Arabic newspaper reported that the four individuals who were detained in the same cell have been released and that one has been referred to the deportation center while the other three were handed over to their sponsors. However, it is uncertain if these individual were infected or not. It is also not known so far whether the Ethiopian expatriate is suffering from Ebola.

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