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MP ‘highlights’ HH Amir’s role at human rights level
 Sun, 30 Nov 2014
  MARRAKECH, Morocco : His Highness the Amir (of Kuwait) Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has bolstered human rights in Kuwait, safeguarded the civil state and strengthened institutions, said a visiting Kuwaiti MP. Abdulhamid Dashti, in remarks to KUNA on fringes of the World Forum on Human Rights, due to conclude later on Sunday, said His Highness the Amir has always been in the front line of human rights’ defenders, a leading advocate of all forms of freedoms and democratic principles.

His Highness the Amir, being the head of the three top authorities, guarantor of the country’s unity, security and stability, has been keen on ensuring law enforcement in a non-excessive or arbitrary manner, he said, recalling, in particular, Sheikh Sabah’s abstention from endorsing a death sentence against a tweet who was convicted of disdaining religions and dignitaries in 2012.

Dashti, who held a seminar on sidelines of the event, said attendees praised His Highness the Amir’s stances at the humanitarian and human rights’ levels. The Kuwaiti delegation taking part in the forum has portrayed a realistic picture about human rights in Kuwait, in shadow of backwardness at this level in some other regional countries. They also charged authorities in a number of Middle Eastern and North African countries with clamping down on human rights advocates The Kuwaiti MP called for a compelling international treaty for defending human rights’ activists and establishing an international tribunal to handle human rights’ cases. He also urged for increasing jurisdictions of the UN Rapporteurs tasked with these issues.

The forum got underway on Wednesday with participation of 6,000 figures, including human rights activists, representatives of governments, NGOs’ and Noble Prize laureates. Member of the Human Rights Committee in the Kuwaiti parliament Dr Hmoud Al-Hamdan and member of the Committee on Education, Culture and Guidance Affairs National asserted here on Sunday success of the Kuwaiti participation in the work of the Second World Human Rights Forum through the presence of the Kuwaiti MPs and their contribution to the debate, dialogue and suggestions in a number of workshops that addressed current and important topics.

Al-Hamdan told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on the sidelines of the forum that the delegation briefed the participants with Kuwait’s experience in the field of human rights that are backed by religious references and Islam’s tolerant teachings as well as the traditions inherited in the civilization of the Arab society and culture. He stressed that the debate on the death penalty, in which experts in the civil society, parliamentarians, businessmen and human rights figures too part, will enable the participants to look more thoroughly and in depth into this matter by invoking religious texts for those slain without the right to kill.

Al-Hamdan reviewed the divine approach that calls for giving priority to tolerance and concern for the payment of blood money and self-preservation, expressing rejection of the death penalty for political reasons. The Kuwaiti MP added that Kuwait’s experience, especially in the field of education and criminal justice received attention and acclaim by many of the participants, who noted the support of Kuwait for human development projects in many emerging countries in the path of growth through the construction of schools, establishment of universities, libraries and funding of educational programs. Al-Hamdan also spoke about the UN honoring of His Highness the Amir as a “Humanitarian Leader” and Kuwait’s selection as a “Humanitarian Center”, highlighting the prestigious status enjoyed by Kuwait, thanks to the wise policy of its leadership.

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